Ouroboros: Could the early buzz signal a hit?

A wide spectrum of Cape Town’s “twitterati” were on hand at the Baxter Theatre last night to witness the preview show of the Handspring Puppet Company’s latest work, “Ouroboros“.

After a wonderful warm-up with Fairhills Wines and the Joubert Tradauw wine estate, the crowd was ushered into the main theatre to engage with the magic of puppetry. After the show, the response was immediate.

Take a look at a selection of tweets and status updates that describe how the general public felt about the show.

Messages came in via Facebook as well as Twitter:

and leave it to Rob van Vuuren to sum it up in his own special way….

What did you think of the show? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Join us for the Ouroboros ‘Taste, Tweet & Theatre’ evening

The Baxter Theatre Center recognises the emerging power of social media as a platform for promoting the incredible work done on our stages. We also recognise that 21st-century media players come in all shapes and sizes: From varsity-trained journalists working their way up in the local newsrooms to the independent voices armed only with a smartphone an opinion and an army of followers who hang on their every word.

What do all of these people have in common? Probably lots of things, but we’re pretty sure that a love of good, free wine would rank right up there as a common denominator.

That’s the reason why the Baxter has paired up two exciting wine brands, Fairhills and Joubert-Tradauw with the Tony-award winning Handspring Puppet Company for our third ‘Taste, Tweet and Theatre’ evening at the premiere of its new production “Ouroboros“.

Do you need me to explain the sequence of events? Here it is…

1. Arrive at the Baxter Theatre at 6.30PM on the 1st of June.
2. Sip the delicious wines. (*note* Sip, not glug)
3. Tweet about it.
4. Go in and watch Ouroboros at 8PM.
5. Repeat Step 3.
6. Go home.
7. Write spectacular, gushing blog post about evening.
8. Repeat Step 3.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? If so, then please e-mail your full name to jonathan.duguid@uct.ac.za, so we can reserve some seats in the theatre for you.

Looking forward to seeing you there.