‘Afrikaaps’ is a smash-hit in the Netherlands

One of the Baxter’s most successful co-productions from 2010 was the ‘Hiphopera’ called Afrikaaps, which tells the story of the Afrikaans language through a mix of storytelling, poetry, music, video and dance and recasts the language as a language of liberation.

The company is currently on an extensive month-long tour of the Netherlands, and Production Manager Lana Paries wrote to tell us about everything that is going on during this exciting tour:

“Afrikaaps has just completed a 2-day performance in Amersfoort with 80% audience attendance, standing ovations and multiple encores. We’ve also seen patrons dancing on stage, which apparently normally never happens over there.

We saw it first-hand as patrons came into the dressing room to express the impact the production has had on them.

Afrikaaps has been tweaked to accommodate the Dutch audience, everything is translated on the screen so audiences can follow, and new material has been created due to two well-known artists (DefP and Akwasi Ansah from NL) joining the production. They were just as surprised by the audience reaction we were, especially due to the nature of the production.

They were interviewed on a very popular Dutch television show in Rotterdam yesterday to captivate the younger audience for the show next week. Blaq Pearl (Janine van Rooy)and our local producer Catherine Hennigan did an interview on Sunday for a popular radio station aimed at getting the Surinamese audience in for the show, as they share a similar history as the one told in the production.

A few members of the cast were asked to participate in a spoken word event on Sunday at Paradiso in Leidseplein which went exceptionally well, and there have been other gigs that have emerged for them from people who have seen the production.”