Who is David Kramer?

May 20, 2011

David Kramer was born in 1951, and graduated from Worcester Boys

High School before studying textile design at Leeds University in the UK, and graduating in 1974.

Back in South Africa, Kramer hit the music circuit where he fine-tuned his unique, satirical musical style through countless gigs all over the country. His first album, Bakgat, was released in 1980 and was immediately banned, because of “its political satire, the use of coarse language and the mixing of languages”. But he had developed his signature style, a mix of languages and satire with a strong and developed an image of a ‘working-class hero’ – portraying the everyman in South Africa and telling the real stories of South African characters from small towns all over the country.

His first number one hit, ‘Blokkies Joubert’ was followed by another hit, ‘Royal Hotel’. But it was only after his endearing TV and radio campaign for Volkswagen, which began in 1983, that David became a household name across South Africa.

Three years later, he began work on his first musical collaboration with Taliep Petersen at the Baxter Theatre. It was called ‘District Six’ Continue reading →


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